Specialist Engineering & Compliance Services

Synertec’s LNG custody transfer system is certified by both the National Measurement Institute (Netherlands) and EffecTech (UK) ensuring the most precise measurement of loaded LNG.

The System has been field proven to provide a substantial ROI and as such has earned accolades from some of the world’s LNG majors in providing significant benefits:

  • Full compliance to ISO6974, ISO 8943 and GIIGNL (2017)
  • 0.107% uncertainty in heating value (MJ/kg)
  • Improved profits
  • Improved cashflow
  • Reduced (if not eliminated) disputes
  • Reduced (if not eliminated) reliance on laboratory testing

The Synertec LNG custody transfer system is a skid mounted module suitable for all LNG applications including low pressure shipboard and floating LNG installations (FSRU).