Synertec joins forces with Honeywell Process Solutions

Synertec Asia is selected as a multi-platform industrial solution provider for Honeywell process automation systems in Southeast Asia

March 31, 2011

  Synertec Pte Ltd,
 a multi-disciplined consulting practice providing specialist engineering and compliance services primarily to life sciences customers in Southeast Asia, today announced it entered into an agreement with Honeywell Process Solutions.

Honeywell is well known for its robust modular systems products which include Experion® LS and HS, MasterLogic® PLC, and HC900®.

Synertec Asia will support Honeywell with a strong automation team experienced in batch, biological, and pharmaceutical processes located in Singapore and Malaysia.

The MasterLogic line of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) gives Synertec Asia Pte Ltd an interesting PLC alternative for projects.

The Experion HS and Experion LS systems provide an integrated and affordable solution for smaller unit operations while leveraging the power of Experion with features like the control execution environment, development tools, algorithms, alarming, trending, and batch control.

The partnership  brings tremendous benefits to the end users as they get a unique portfolio of Honeywell products, with Synertec Asia providing quick access to sales and support.

Customers electing to adopt Honeywell’s products will receive benefits from ease of implementation and ongoing support from a System Integrator that has deep knowledge of their requirements backed by the wealth of resources of Honeywell Process Solutions globally.

“Partnering with Honeywell for specific control applications is part of Synertec’s strategy to offer best-in-class solutions to our customers across their full range of requirements” said Nick Kotlarski, General Manager, Synertec Asia.

“The combined strengths of Honeywell and Synertec should bring a great solution to local companies”, he said. 

Bharat Sharma, Honeywell’s Asia Pacific Leader for Modular Systems, said. “Our compelling position in control systems combined with a wealth of subject matter expertise in the areas of batch, pharma, and biotech process place us in an excellent position to help customers.

Partnering with Synertec will help transfer these benefits to customers in Singapore, Malaysia, and beyond.” 

About Synertec

Synertec Asia Pte Ltd is a specialist consultancy practice focused on Southeast Asia with offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Along with Synertec in Australia, the company operates extensively within the Life Sciences sector, providing a range of engineering and compliance services to companies engaged in the manufacture of therapeutic products and medical devices. Synertec was incorporated in 1996 and currently employs over 90 professionals in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Read more about Synertec Asia on the corporate website


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