Environmental, Social, & Governance

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Committed to Making an Impact

By developing, implementing and reporting strong ESG credentials, we hope to demonstrate to all of our stakeholders that Synertec is authentic about our ESG impact.


With the adoption of the World Economic Forum (‘WEF’) ESG framework through the SocialSuite platform, Synertec can implement a measurement plan for each sustainability area across its business, which operates across the critical infrastructure, water, energy and advanced manufacturing sectors. The Company has committed to report on the key ESG factors including governance, anticorruption and bribery practices, ethical behaviour, human rights, carbon emissions, water consumption, ecological sensitivity, diversity, inclusion, pay equality and tax payments.


The image opposite highlights all of the 21 areas of the WEF ESG framework, which are reported by Synertec at regular intervals to show its ESG progress. Reporting will define the Company’s priority areas, actions and progress in each area, providing an easy way for investors to assess the development of the Company’s aim and journey to become a “best in class” ESG organisation and ensure that it remains an impact investment for shareholders and local communities.


Our major partners and customers, many of whom are key organisations in Australia’s critical infrastructure, water, energy and advanced manufacturing sectors, have highlighted the growing need and opportunity for improved ESG performance. We see this as a logical progression for our organisation, building upon the strong foundations we developed to support the global energy transition, reduce carbon footprint and respond to tightening environmental regulations while providing sustainable employment opportunities and operating in a transparent and accountable manner for all of Synertec’s stakeholders.

Synertec are proud members of both the Clean Energy Council and the Smart Energy Council