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Validation & Systems Engineering Manager

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Systems Engineering and Integration Capabilities

Synertec specialises in delivering solutions to complex challenges in high risk, highly regulated industries. Executing these projects requires a systematic approach to the project lifecycle. 

The key to successful delivery is to understand the requirements of the project and the system, and to manage and trace these throughout every stage of the project including concept, design, implementation, verification, and handover. 

Synertec provides an interdisciplinary approach to manage the relationships between all the different systems and their interactions and interfaces. This ensures functionality, integration, operation, and maintainability are considered during the design. 

Synertec also has experience in implementing Human Factors processes throughout the requirements, design, implementation, and verification phases of projects. We have worked with a number of qualified Human Factors consultants to ensure the design process considers the human element and the use cases at all times. Incorporating user feedback throughout the design process ensures the system is fit-for-purpose and delivers a positive user experience.

Focussed on Outcomes

Synertec implements a Systems Engineering approach to managing the project lifecycle to ensure that requirements are fully understood from the beginning of a project and that risks are identified and mitigated early in the project staging. 

This process does not only consider technical requirements, but also commercial, regulatory, and operational. Synertec utilises specially designed software to enhance the visibility and traceability of requirements and to support the testing phases of a project. 

The Systems Engineering approach includes the use and deployment of ‘artifacts’ documenting a discrete step in the process, such as requirements documents, specifications, architecture outlines, data models, program modules, quality requirements, test cases, and completion schedules. By ensuring lower-level artifacts fulfil the objectives of higher-level artifacts, we deliver superior value not only through risk mitigation and lower project delivery costs but also by reducing the whole-of-life costs of the system. Synertec pride ourselves on delivering quality outcomes for our clients.

Track Record

Our team has expertise and experience in the full range of Systems Engineering activities. We specialise in:

  • Requirements gathering and articulation
  • Risk management
  • Project management and leadership
  • Software design and implementation
  • Hardware design and implementation
  • Configuration management
  • Integration of complex processes and systems
  • Verification and validation of the design and implementation 
  • Full testing lifecycle with requirements traceability

Relevant Experience

Synertec has implemented our Systems Engineering framework for various clients across a range of industries including:

  • Jemena – Safety, control, and monitoring systems for the Northern Gas Pipeline 
  • Metro Trains – Melbourne underground rail loop control and monitoring system 
  • Rail Systems Alliance – Industrial control systems and Control and Monitoring System (CMS) for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project
  • CSL – Verification and validation for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes
  • Melbourne Water – Systems upgrades at the Eastern Treatment Plant
  • Chevron – Custody transfer system for the Wheatstone and Gorgon liquefied natural gas facilities
  • Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) – Control system for a nuclear waste processing facility
v model services

V-Model Approach Capabilities

A V-model is a schematic or graphical representation of a systems development lifecycle that is utilised to create robust models of the project lifecycle and the project management sequence. The V-model approach utilises a highly structured process that incorporates feedback between the various project stages to consistently assess and compare outcomes with expectations throughout the project lifecycle. 

Synertec is a firm of multi-discipline specialist engineers providing engineering products and solutions for complex, challenging, and highly regulated industries. We are a tightly integrated team of outstanding people focussed on our clients and partners. 

We have expertise and experience across a wide range of industries, with an outstanding track record of delivering quality projects and solutions across Australia in industries such as rail, energy, water, pharmaceutical, defence, explosives-manufacturing, and bulk liquid storage. 

Synertec has a long history of executing projects following the V-model methodology. We offer solutions comprising the entire project lifecycle from development of requirements through to final acceptance. Alternatively, we can partner with clients to support the delivery of a single element of the V-model framework such as the front-end definition of system requirements, early documentation of feasibility studies, or end-stage system testing, verification, and validation programs. 

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients, where collaboration and communication are key principles ensuring project success.

Focussed on Outcomes

The V-Model was developed specifically to address the complex nature of defence contracts involving software control systems. To deliver a system that operates reliably and absolutely as intended, the individual elements that comprise the whole system must each operate and communicate precisely and reliably between each other.

We believe that by adopting the V-Model framework and applying it appropriately, project outcomes are predictable and suitably qualified, ensuring client requirements and expectations are fully satisfied.

Track Record

Synertec’s team has extensive experience in the verification and testing of V-Model system solutions, including:

  • Documenting requirements including user, system, and design requirements in ways that facilitate the testing process
  • Business process mapping
  • Management and documentation of test plans, with full traceability back to the original system and user requirements
  • Testing execution and verification of systems, processes, and equipment at various levels including unit testing, integration testing, and acceptance testing

Relevant Experience

We have implemented our V-Model framework, system testing, and test execution programs for various clients across a range of industries including:

  • Jemena – Control systems for the Northern Gas Pipeline project
  • CSL – Process control system for new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant
  • Metro Trains – Control and monitoring system for the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop
  • Melbourne Water – System upgrades at the Eastern Treatment Plant
  • Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) – Control and safety system for nuclear waste management facility

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