LNG Custody Transfer System

In the LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) industry, Custody Transfer refers to the metering of LNG from one party to another, where the amount of product is measured with a high degree of accuracy. The total transaction price is then calculated based on the price per given volume. With the enormous quantities often transferred in these transactions, the need for accurate measurement is paramount. The tiniest of errors, even in fractions of a percent, can quickly add up to millions of dollars.


As Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) sales agreements continue to evolve to meet the expectations of a changing supply and demand market, producers and buyers are insisting on higher precision, greater reliability, real-time cargo release, and compliance with recognised international measurement standards.

Custody transfer of LNG can be marine-based, occurring between tanker ships, or land-based, between ship and shore. With IMO2020 regulations targeting a 40% reduction in shipping carbon emissions by 2030, this is driving a long-term transition towards LNG as a marine fuel for cleaner-burning vessels.

The Synertec Custody Transfer System (CTS) is a world leading LNG Sampling system solution. It is the only CTS in the world to provide the following benefits:

  • Highly accurate sampling of LNG at Low Pressure without fractionation of the LNG sample
  • Does not vent methane or hydrocarbons to atmosphere as part of the sampling process

The Synertec CTS is suitable for both land based and marine based applications.