LNG Custody Transfer - Land Based

Synertec’s Custody Transfer System (CTS) delivers best in class LNG sampling technology that addresses the challenges of the LNG industry including:

  • Demand from LNG buyers and sellers for more accurate LNG sampling technology
  • Compliance with recognised international measurement standards.
  • The ability to accurately sample at both high and low pressure LNG transfers
  • Elimination of venting of gas as part of the sampling process

Synertec’s LNG custody transfer system is certified by the National Measurement Institute (Netherlands) and EffecTech (UK), complies with the requirements of the International Group of Liquified Natural Gas Importers, and is compliant with ISO 8943 and ISO 6974. Combined with a 99.98% correlation with laboratory calibration measurements, this ensures the most precise measurement of loaded LNG.


Our proprietary land-based custody transfer system has been proven under the most demanding field conditions to provide a substantial return on investment, has earned accolades from some of the world’s biggest LNG operators, and provides the following significant benefits:

  • Full compliance to ISO 6974, ISO 8943 and GIIGNL (2021)
  • 0.107% uncertainty in heating value (MJ/kg)
  • Improved profits
  • Improved cashflow
  • Reduced (if not eliminated) disputes
  • Reduced (if not eliminated) reliance on laboratory testing

Synertec’s Custody Transfer System is a skid mounted module suitable for all LNG applications including onshore, shipboard, and floating LNG installations. Synertec is dedicated to meeting customer needs and offers its valued clients flexible procurement options tailored to specific requirements. For example, Synertec can offer the system on a lease arrangement with no money paid until the system is installed on-site.


Our custody transfer system is suitable for both high-pressure and low-pressure LNG process systems.  The system does not vent methane or hydrocarbons to atmosphere as part of the sampling process.


Synertec have a proven track record in delivery of Custody Transfer Systems to some of the world’s largest LNG terminals. Our customers include Bechtel, Chevron, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Origin Energy and Shell.


Our systems have been delivered by Synertec’s team of in-house, highly skilled multi discipline engineers, experienced in LNG and natural gas analysis. Supporting the LNG sampling technology, our teams have delivered full turn-key systems to these customers including:

  • Synertec’s LNG Sampling Technology
  • Sample Conditioning Systems
  • Gas Chromatographs for measurement of Heating Value
  • Gas Analysers for measurement of impurities
  • Sample shelters including HVAC systems
  • Compliance to hazardous area requirements