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A Powerhouse Solution For Remote Sites

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Synertec has been working hard to build our offerings in the Technology arm of our business and we’re excited to announce a major step forward in our development of “Powerhouse”, a new solution for providing power to remote sites. In July 2021, Synertec entered into an agreement with Santos to develop a smart solar power system to provide electricity to their remote sites.

Powerhouse utilises Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics in an innovative new system to address the challenges facing industry when working in remote areas. The technology is a 100% renewable, smart, and reliable base load power solution to “supercharge” the performance of a solar battery array that optimises energy storage and discharge to deliver uninterrupted electrical supply to isolated sites with minimal maintenance.

Powerhouse takes the guesswork out of solar power management. With sophisticated AI, smart algorithms, predictive analytics, and real-time meteorological data, the system:

  • Predicts solar radiation levels in advance
  • Proactively controls the discharge rates of batteries to guarantee minimum performance levels of reliant electrical equipment
  • Offers cost-effective and optimised system configuration to minimise footprint and capital costs
  • Is reliable and robust compared to diesel generators and accessing remote electrical grids
  • Is capable of rapid mobilisation and demobilisation
  • Has an effective operational life of up to 15 years.

The development of a smart, sustainable power system to meet the energy requirements of remote sites supports the following objectives:

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Minimising impact on landowners
  • Providing flexible and re-deployable infrastructure
  • Reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs of existing temporary power supplies
  • Eliminating the need for mains power connection in remote areas.

You can read more about the progress we’re making in our Technology division in our August Business Update.